Monday 6 February 2012

European Football Weekends

The Last Post

This will be the last post on European Football Weekends. But hey, don't be shedding any tears - it's been a thunderously good ride. At the start of 2012 I decided to take a little break from EFW, and see how things panned out. I've enjoyed that freedom so much that it now feels right to hang up the old keyboard. You don't realise how much time it eats up until you stop. It certainly won't be any great loss to the literary world, but I hope that somewhere along the way you've raised a titter or been inspired to venture out on a trip of your own by stumbling across this nonsense.

The last report I penned for these pages was read nearly 10,000 people - and as such I think EFW can hold its head up and say that we went out on a high.

The EFW Facebook group - which, pleasingly, has a life of its own - will still continue along with the forum and, naturally, I'll still be posting photos of dogs in football scarves on my own Twitter feed. I will of course continue to offer out any advice to those travelling abroad to watch their football.

The best thing about running this site has been the people I've gotten to meet through the last three years. There's far too many to thank and, frankly, the last thing anybody needs here is a rambling, tearful speech so let's move on shall we....

European Football Weekends: we came, we saw, we conquered. What's not to like?

Until the book launch then; cheerio, cheerio, cheerio ....

Danny Last


Shaun said...

This is The End - Beautiful friend.

You'll no longer be "the hardest working man in blog business"

Thanks for the entertainment.

Anders Hviid said...

Thanks Danny for the ride! Bigup for new adventures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the posts! Superb tales and an inspiration to travel Europe. Best of luck in the future!

CementeroFC said...

Apreciable Danny:

Debo confesar que fue leyendo EFW que me inspiro a empezar mi propio blog (the EFW mexican branch!) y en ese sentido te agradezco la inspiracion!.

Buena suerte y hasta siempre!.

Un caluroso abrazo desde Mexico.

Blogdroed said...

Like I've just written on Les Rosbifs hopefully we'll see the odd article every here and there!
Pob lwc!

1860er said...

Hi Danny,
several hours after learning about the end of the EFW blog, I'm still without words.

But hey, the spirit lives on. I hope for you this means more time on the terraces than in front of a computer screen.

You've created something that means a lot to many people. To quote myself, "EFW has changed my life!".


Manchester United Fixtures said...

Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

come check us out!

James said...

Thanks for all the good times you've given us, I wish you the best of luck in the future!

tom finn said...

I just found you today, and now your gone I will try and follow you on facebook, and twitter.

Free bets said...

It is sad to see this is going to be your last post.I have really enjoyed reading your posts and i hope it won`t be too long before you come out of retirement.

Chris Mills said...

Danny, I can only echo the GREAT STOFFERS (whom I shall be nursing through the grieving process) and just add that it's been a massive pleasure, nay an honour, to contribute to and enjoy EFW and the Oktoberfests (!)

Thanks, Danny... you did a good thing here :)

And, like The Sorpanos, bringing it to an end when it is still riding high in the play-off (nay auto promo) places just makes it all the more perfect ;)


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