Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sussex County Cup Finals Day - Part 3

Division Two Challenge Cup Final (10:04:09)

Seaford Town 0-1 Peacehaven and Telscombe - at Shoreham FC - kick off 7:45pm

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Choices, choices. On exiting the train station at Shoreham-by-Sea you are presented with three choices of public house. It would have been rude not to select at least one so we popped into the Crabtree for a swifty en route to our third and final game of the day the local derby between Seaford Town and Peacehaven and Telscombe.

On our approach to the ground we saw the Seaford Town lads doing their pre-match warm up in a public park. This was a bit Ken Dodd (odd) we thought but my word they looked pumped up and their coach was letting them know in no uncertain terms what it meant to the club. His language was interesting. More swear words than an episode of The Wire (do me a lemon - Ed).

The Sussex County Cup Finals Day seems to have been a victim of its own success. To be honest they struggled to cope with the crowds at Shoreham FC. The queue for the bar was enormous. This was a local derby with an edge and to savour the moment everybody needed beer(s).

Tree-mendous header lad (poor - Ed).

Sorry about the quality of photos at this game. It wasn't a night for taking photos as the light wasn't ideal (You mean you'd had a skin full of ale Danny Boy - Ed).

I am led to believe there is a game of football going on there somewhere.

Again, considering we only paid £4 to get in there was plenty of quality on show. Chamal Fenelon was playing for Lewes earlier in the season, quite was he was doing playing here is anybodies guess but he showed his class. He was unlucky in the last minute when his tremendous effort from a country mile out hit the bar. That would have been a goal worthy of winning any final.

Peacehaven and Telscombe were slightly the better side and - when he could stay on his feet - Callum Saunders looked to be their go to man. Ultimately his run down the right proved to be a match winning one when weaved in and out of defenders before setting up Graig Bunch in the 91st minute to poke home the winner.

The football on offer may well have taken place in the 'downstairs' of the football pyramid but you simply cannot knock the value for money. Persistent drizzle hadn't spoilt the day or indeed night for anyone and we've made a point of inking Sussex County Cup Finals Day into our EFW diary for 2010. All being well, I'll be on the Sussex FA committee by then.



Anonymous said...

Entertaining as always DJL but I have to say that the Sussex FA showed an almost criminal lack of regard for the EFW in setting the kick off times for these games. Brighton to Lancing to LA to Shoreham on Network South East (or whatever they call themselves these days?). Wouldn't an am in Wick followed by a trip to Lancing and THEN finishing off back in Shoreham have made much more sense for everyone? Out of respect for your Belgian followers let me just say this here and now - c'est vrai Pierre.

Danny Last said...

Actually, the days travel arrangements went swimmingly well. Hats off to the Sussex FA I say.

This comment is in no way clouded by the fact that I am set to take on a post at the aformentioned regional football association.