Tuesday, 22 September 2009

European Football Weekends - The Gallery - Part 4

This is a sign of the times

After a three month 'think tank' it has been decided that following on from the huge success of the EFW Gallery parts 1, 2 and 3 - we should launch another which is both bigger and better and call it: the EFW Gallery Part.......wait for it.....4 (genius and relax - Ed).

Whereas the Easy Jet Teddy Bear gets photographed looking bored on hotel balconies, our lucky logo gets to sneak into football grounds around Europe and on the odd occasion into the hands of A-list celebrities.

So enough of this chit-chat, let's see where the EFW logo has been seen in the last 12 weeks. We will open proceedings with some of my cricket commentating heroes:

Shall we kick off with Aggers!?

Start the car! It's Bumble!

From the pavillion end: CMJ

Aussie cricket legend Michael Slater - extra points for the smile Slats.

This might explain Slats smile - it's the npower girls.

EFW team of the year 'Merstham FC' keep up their annual tradition with a team photo complete with logos.

Meet the new Merstham gaffer Graeme 'Banners' Banyard. Welcome aboard mate!

Gillingham fans Racael and Bronte in the Rainham End before stuffing a very unhappy Swindon side 5-0! Good work girls!

Robbie Williams and Oasis failed to do it but it looks as though EFW is set to crack America! Following our article about the Seattle Sounders - that caused a bit of a stir - logos were called for and sent and we're pretty grateful they arrived safely in the hands of Erin and Amanda.

Other Sounders fans were quick to join the bandwagon...

....and everybody seemed very happy with the EFW/Sounders partnership.

Here's young Lolly Fuller taking a break from her new role as official photographer for The Ball is Round at Brimsdown Rovers.

Gava in Spain anyone!?

Daniel Campbell + EFW logo + Camp Nou = happy days.

Inside the Camp Nou.....

......and why not outside as well!

Who took us to Espanyol B!?

Mr Daniel Campbell of course - cheers Danny Boy!

The Mclogo at Cove Rangers.

3,000 Celtic fans and many more Aberdeen fans look on in awe as the logo is unveiled at Pittodrie.

Why if it isn't ex-Celtic and Borussia Dortmund legend Murdo MacLeod!

Standing free outside Pittodrie, Aberdeen.

Alain, Eli and Fran at Barakaldo CF, Spain.

Barakaldo CF

Sneaking onto San Pedro.

Sestao River Club in the Basque Country.

Hello we are football!

Some loon on the pitch at Athletic Bilbao.

Frankie logos to Hollywood.

Big Deaks saves the logo at Bromley in front of Mr Fuller.

One for the album. It's Cynical Dave.

The Bromley Boys.

Big Deaks, Crabby, Daddy, Lasty and Arnie.

St Albans!? Don't mind if we do.

The old 'sneak on the fixture board' number.

All Welling good.

The launch of the EFW t-shirt at Llanelli. Incredibly some are still available!

Motherwell fans sign up for EFW.

What's not to like!?

In Malmo, Sweden for the UEFA Euro U21 2009 (Sweden v Serbia).

Malmo again!? Whyever not!

Brilliant! We've arrived on the scoreboard at Kon. Lyra TSV in the Belgian 4th Division B. Dreamy.

Proudly on show inside Kon Lyra TSV.

Here we logo again!

Steven Van Rompaey at RBC Roosendaal v MVV Maastricht Mariflex Stadium

Inside at Jim Roosendaal.

Strike a pose there's nothing to it. Stoffers at the Sportforum Hohenschönhausen, BFC Dynamo Berlin.

EFW Members' Meeting at the Berlin branch. Stoffers, Graham & Iain.

ADO Den Haag - tick.

Fortuna Dusseldorf!? No problem Sir.

Dumbarton, The Sons, Strathclyde. Yeeeeees!

Chepstown Town....it can only be...

....our pals from Forest Green Rovers of course. See you in Tilburg lads!

The show logos on at Falkirk.

EFW birthday cake (send for the doctor - Ed).

NAC Breda prepares for the EFW Oktoberfest invasion.

Our pal Pat. One of our best ever signings!

Dave Griffiths at Pearse Stadium, Galway.

All the way from Tuam.

Graeme Holmes back in Ireland. This time for the Galway Utd v Cork City.

Terryland Park, home to Galway Utd.

And finally, lets finish in Russia shall we!? Mark Griffiths showing his loyalty to the EFW cause at the Luzhniki in Moscow.

Thanks a million to the following, without whom etc etc: Nick Waterhouse, Graeme Banyard, Gary Lomas, Stuart Fuller, Steven Van Rompaey, Patrick Van Puyenbroeck, Prost Amerika, Daniel Campbell, Big Deaks, Anna Mckenzie, Christopher Nash, Andy Challen, Cynical Dave, Graeme Holmes, Dave Jones, Mark Griffiths, the TMS team, Phil Sheppard, Stoffers, Her Maj, cuddly toy, kitchen sink, is anyone still reading (probably not - Ed).

If you want your team featured or you are off on an EFW of your own. Drop us a line at dannylast@hotmail.com and we'll send you a logo.

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