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Sam Crabb - Lewes FC

EFW pincer movement to sponsor Crabb

European Football Weekends has made its first ever signing! We're proud to announce that for the 2009/10 season, we'll be sponsoring the kit of Lewes FC striker Sam Crabb. Judging by his pre-season form for The Rooks, it looks as though we've crabbed (sic) ourselves a bargain.

CRASH - he beat the Carshalton Athletic keeper with a cool one on one finish at the War Memorial Sports Ground. BANG - he was on target again, this time with a volley (a volley!) at home to Worthing and WALLOP - Crabb was on hand again on Tuesday night to score the only goal of the game as Lewes beat Eastbourne Town. That last goal was a close range effort but they all count, just ask multi millionaire Gary Lineker. Three goals in five games Mr Capello if you're reading this.

It's an embarrassment of riches in the Crabb family as brothers Nathan and Matt are both firm favourites down at Eastbourne Borough. After cleaning up the supporters player of the year award at Eastbourne United Association last season were he scored 20 (twenty!) goals, Sam has stepped up a level to join Lewes and we here at EFW are very pleased to put our name to the Crabbmeister.

Want to know more!? Well - in a world exclusive - I managed to crab an interview (that really is enough - Ed) with our man. In a conversation loosely based around the excellent 'The Last Five Minutes' feature in our favourite Sunday read The Non League Paper, we got to know a bit more about our investment:

Position: Striker

Nickname: Crabby

Place of birth: Eastbourne

Marital Status: Single

Former clubs: Eastbourne United, Eastbourne Borough, Hastings United

Who do you support? Liverpool

Favourite player? Stevie G

Do you play any other sports? Nope

Have you ever seen a football match abroad? Nope (see me - Ed)

When was the last time you paid to see a match? Probably Boro a few years back

What was the last trophy you won? Sussex County League, Sussex RUR Cup, Supporters Player Of The Year... all last season with Eastbourne United

What was the last goal you scored? Last weekend v Worthing in a friendly (and again on Tuesday night - Ed).

When were you last sent off? Never have been

Who's the best player you've played with? Danny Cullip is a great defender, other than him Simon Wormul with my brief spell At Boro, I thought he was class.

Danny Cullip "A great defender" - no arguments from us at EFW. He's the Daddy!

Which Premiership footballer do you play like? I really don't know to be honest, I'll let you and everyone else decide that one.

Who is the best manager you've played under? Garry Wilson and Nick Greenwood at Eastbourne Borough were good as are Ibbo and Jase (current Lewes management team) other than that, Brain Dennis for Eastbourne United. I wouldn't be where I am without him giving me the chance at United 3 years ago.

Which newspaper do you read? The Sun, Eastbourne Herald and Gazette.

What team would you most like to score against? Liverpool or Man Utd.

What would be your dream FA Cup 3rd Round draw? Liverpool at Anfield.

What is the best heckle you've heard from the crowd? Being booed by the Boro fans when I came off as a sub for Lewes a few weeks ago in the friendly against them wasn't really a heckle but I found it quite funny. (for the uninitiated, Lewes and Eastbourne Borough fans share a 'friendly' rivalry - Ed).

This or indeed that!?

Facebook or Bebo? Facebook

Cash or card? Cash

City or beach? Beach

Speedos or trunks? Trunks

Restaurant or club? Club

Tabloid or broadsheet? Tabloid

Blonde or brunette? Blonde

Beer or wine? Beer

Theatre or cinema? Cinema

Australia or Spain? Spain

Pizza or pasta? Pizza

Indian or Chinese? Chinese


Sky Sports News or Sky Sports News? Sky Sports News. lol!

Radio 5 Live or Talk Sport? Radio 5 Live

Snow or Surf? Snow

European Football Weekends or The Ball is Round? European Football Weekends (Woo hoo! - Ed)

Benidorm with the lads or night in with the girlfriend? - ha ha! ahhh...Jees trying to get me into trouble........erm Benidorm with the lads :)

Ladies and gentlemen, I think a double thumbs up all round is in order for Crabby don't you! Spot on mate. Let's hope you keeping banging 'em in for the Rooks this season.

European Football Weekends are delighted to get involved in sponsoring not only Crabby but also the match ball against Hampton and Richmond later in the season. This is especially true when you hear stories of manager Steve 'Ibbo' Ibbitson who - in a gesture I personally find one of the best I've heard in football - has agreed to manage Lewes FC for free in order to save the club money. Not only that, but also coaches Jason Hopkinson, Simon Gough and Dave Winterton (goalkeeper coach) and others David Arnold, James Boyes and Peter Hiscox who have given up loads of their time and effort to save Lewes. If there is anybody out there reading this that has a couple of quid to spare, you could do worse than invest it in Lewes FC. Contact EFW if you are interested.

- photos of Sam Crabb kindly supplied by Lewes FC photographer, programme AND website editor James Boyes -

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