Wednesday, 9 December 2009

When Saturday Comes Blog Award

It's Bronze for EFW in national awards shock

I've often joked that EFW is an award winning blog. But, like most things on this site, that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Now we've only gone and trousered a prestigious joint Bronze Award in the 2009 When Saturday Comes Web Awards. If you click on the above cutting from WSC, you'll see that Ian Plenderleith - we'll call him Plenders shall we - had this to say about us:

"OK, room for one more groundhopping blog, because these lads don't take themselves too seriously on organised weekends, wearing EFW T-shirts, in a bus, drinking beer on the autobahn on the way to a German fourth division game. The jocose banter makes you feel like you're on the bus too. A boozy, enjoyable trip."

Jocose banter! That sounds like us eh!? I'll settle for that Plenders old chap. Congratulations to our pals at Pitch Invasion, Two Hundred Percent and the 100 Football Grounds Club for also picking up awards.

Thanks to you all - you know who you are!

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The Smid said...

Apparently this is the oscars of football web awards, where only true quality is recognised.

skif said...

Congratulations chaps, and to you Smid as well.

Worthy recipients of a WSC nod!

Ali said...

Congratulations you deserve it. Cracking blog.