Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kidderminster Harriers FC


Kidderminster Harriers 3-2 Lewes (19:01:10)

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How many self respecting football fans wouldn't relish a near 400 mile round trip to Kidderminster on a grey, drizzly Tuesday night in January!? Would this be one social gathering which, despite good company, would become painful and require a large dosage of alcohol to relieve the pain?

Don't be daft lad. This was an away day with the Mighty Rooks. This trumped my alternative of a day in the office by a Krypton Factor of 8. I'd been to Aggborough, home of the Harriers, before - 9 years ago to watch Brighton - but little gumption was required to sign up for a return visit.

The romance of the trip didn't quite extend to a 10 hour 4 minute return journey home on the train (including a 5hr stop at Banbury), so Cynical Dave and I broke the habit of a lifetime and hitched a ride on the Lewes FC team coach to the Wyre Forest district of Worcestershire.

Happily, the beers flowed quite freely on the coach amongst the travelling throng of 5 (five!) fans. We were "treated" there and back by a couple films picked by assistant manager Jason Hopkinson. I can safely say that when it comes to crapfilms.com, Jason - who is actually one of the nicest blokes you can meet - deserves a chuffing oscar. To boost morale during the traffic chaos just south of Birmingham, the famous 6-2 New Years Day win over Dover was also shown on the giant plasma screens. What could possibly go wrong?

Upon our arrival at the ground a couple of hours before kick off, we were a) given free match tickets by the players b) welcomed with open arms in the Harriers Arms pub c) shared our bar space with a 6ft harrier bird and d) feeling quite chuffed with life.

Harry the Harrier joins the EFW team for a pre-match pint and nibbles.

Chris King is evidently huge in Kidderminster*. *Booking advisable.

Emily in the Harriers megastore.

As you'll be aware, this isn't really the place to head if you fancy an in depth match report. You can find professional efforts both here and there if you wish. Just briefly, Lewes went 2-0 down in the second half and looked doomed. Then, as if by magic, they fought back liked caged tigers to level at 2-2 before a goal in injury-time by Gavin Caines sent the home side through to the next round. Did I mention this was an FA Trophy 2nd round proper (proper!) match?

Hilariously, the stewards at the ground gave me a ticking off for taking photos. I think they must have mistaken the Aggborough Stadium for the o2 Arena. Talking of the o2 Arena, did you know Jimmy Greaves is playing a gig there? Funny old game Saint. Anyway, as it was freezing cold, I'd been told off and they weren't selling beer anywhere, Cynical Dave and I decided that some drastic action was required. As such - and I don't quite know how this happened - we found ourselves pitched up in the hospitality suite for the second half. Beer on tap, friendly locals and some warm seatage.

Plant and tool hire in Kidderminster? Not a problem.

The North Stand packed to the rafters. Well sort of.

Home made soup and a cottage pie please Betty love. Highly recommended by the way.

Meet The Board Bangers of DY10.

Dean 'Deano' Coleman.

As Lewes were surging forward during the later stages of the match and goals were flying in willy nilly, I plugged in the EFW "happyometer" which registered a record 99%. That came thumping down to a big fat zero when Kiddy stunned us with that last minute goal but hey, good luck to The Harriers. I hope they get to play local rivals Worcester City in the next round. That should be some occasion. Chris King has already been pencilled in for a night at the Harriers Arms should they win that one.

In what is becoming a bit of an EFW tradition, I managed to hijack someone from the home team for an exclusive interview. Is that Parky hot seat still available? If not, I'm sure I read somewhere that Johnathan Ross' Friday night spot is up for grabs. Anyway, until then, here is the result of a chat with Phil from the rather fine Harriers Online website:

What is the best thing about supporting Kiddy? It's local, I know many of the fans - which is something you won't find with Premiership/Championship clubs - and it makes you feel good inside when they win.

And the worst? When the many Man Yoo (sic) and lifelong Chelsea fans around here laugh and tell me to support a real team. The difference is, I get out of my seat to support my team.

What has made you laugh in your times of following The Harriers?
I don't think I've ever found or seen anything funny while watching the team but you always have a laugh with the lads before the match over a pint or two. Especially when the pub, beer and the weather is good. the Railway Vue at Histon is one we look forwards to because we always take a good crowd there and have a good laugh.

Who are you rivals? I class Hereford, Shrewsbury and Cheltenham as rivals but some older fans hark back to the days of playing Worcester City and Bromsgrove and can't wait to play them again. One day, far far away, Worcester might be but never Bromsgrove.

What do you prefer: Football League or Non-League? Football League to be honest because of the bigger crowds, teams and stadiums. Compare going to somewhere like Notts County with visits to the like of Tamworth and Kettering where we have to go to now. (Give me Tamworth any day of the week - Ed).

Can you sum up Kidderminster in a Tweet of less than 140 characters? Harriers. A team once amongst the elite of non-league footie but now just middling along as an also ran. Got potential though.

We'd already warmed to Phil but his pièce de résistance was this pub guide to Kidderminster which he's put together for those of us who like a beer with our football. Of that little lot, he told us that the Harriers Arms (which we can confirm) and the King & Castle are by far the best. Cheers!

All told, it was quite a surreal day out. We got home at 2am having been dumped out of the cup but yet again, I think Lewes FC emerged from the day with a bit of credit. Same again next year? Where do we sign.

For more photos from the day CLICK ME

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Kenny said...

Surely you tried the "famous Aggborough soup"?

Unknown said...

Nice report Danny.

You just missed me on the Tool Hire pic. Scroll to the right where the girl in the white coat is and I'm next to her Dad.

Danny Last said...

Kenny - the soup and the cottage pie were the talk of the EFW Facebook pages this week. Rightly famous!

Harriers9 - I have another photo which you might be in from that same area. I can send it over to you if you like!?

Danny Last said...

By the way Harriers9 - What is that 'board bangers' sign all about?

1860er said...

Residing on the continent, I've only been to one away match with Lewes so far. But reading these reports, I think I have to schedule any future trips to England to include a Lewes match or two. Keep up the good work!

Danny Last said...

1860er - You'd be welcome back with open arms old chap!

Actually, there is very good away game coming up on 30th Jan at Weymouth.

Unknown said...

The Board Bangers are a group of fans that, erm, bang the board when we score etc, etc.
they were the sponsors of Mark Yates and will be the sponsor of the new manager too.

They got that board done because they helped out painting the ground a couple of years ago and that was their reward.

Anonymous said...

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Danny Last said...

Wow! It's all happening at FC Porto. Now, here's a challenge:

Can anyone find a link between FC Porto and either Kidderminster Harriers or Lewes? You've got the time it takes for the board to revolve.

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The General said...

Loving the photo of that bird. Is it on Twitter!?

And as for your link between Porto and Lewes, how about this one...both of them adopted their current club colours in 1893

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