Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Don't look back in anger.....

Bromley 3-0 Lewes (31:08:09)

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Fancy a trip to Hayes Lane to see EFW faves The Rooks take on the Lillywhites of Bromley anyone!? Not arf....where do we sign!? Given the fact this virtually constituted a Summer holiday, everyone was up for this one: The Fuller family, Daggers, Cynical, Big Deaks, Fenners to name but a few. EFW awaydays with Lewes are blossoming.

One again - in the interests of helping non league clubs survive - we were first to arrive in the bar at the ground. So early in fact that Bill and Ben the Bromers stewards outside the ground didn't think that the bar was even open, we knew better though. Pint please Betty love.

It was worth the early arrival time (three hours before kick off just to be sure). The Bromley social club is an example of what can be achieved with a little bit of investment. As you walk in it reminds you of Wembley Stadium (excuse me - Ed). No it really does. For a kick off they have huge pictures hanging all over the shop commemorating such past glories as Bromley's London Senior Cup win over Ford United.

Bromley FCTV anyone!? I kid you not. They've even got their own tv station! We sat and watched highlights of their previous two matches away to Chelmsford and at home to Dorchester. Sadly, it's only available in the ground itself. You can't subscribe to it otherwise we'd have signed up for it there and then. Better than ITV and no mistake. As if all this wasn't enough and just to top it all they even had Bromley FC mirrors up behind the bar! In fact - reflecting on it now - I think we could have probably stayed there a few nights and not have been bored.

Bromley FC mirrors behind the bar. You simply couldn't make it up.

That London Senior cup win over Ford United.

The view from the bar. Nae bad pal.

You will like this - in the bar we met Roger the Lewes groundsman. After a few beers, we agreed in principle to burn a huge 'LEWES FC' using petrol (don't try this at home, Rog is an expert) along the famous grass bank that runs along side the pitch at the Dripping Pan. It's going to look great. Lewes FC are going to be the envy of the footballing world with this original feature. Good old life.

What else? Oh the match. Well, Lewes held their own for a while but to be honest it was too hot for any meaningful footy action. Bromers scored with a neat volley from a corner and then in second half they were pretty much the better side. Their third goal was an absolute beauty in fairness. Dalhouse got hold of the ball and smashed into the top corner from about twenty-five yards. Show off.

Old skool terracing. Mmm.....

Old skool benches. Mmmm......

Non League WAGS. Oh dear!

To make matters worse, EFW legend Sam Crabb limped off after being savaged by one of their chaps and who should replace him from the bench but The Ball is Round's very own Ryan 'Arnie' Storrie. For the uninitiated, Crabby and Arnie are embroiled in a competition for which points are awarded for goals, assists etc etc Crabby bats for us and Arnie racks up points for The Ball is Round website.

I don't want to go all football phone in on you - I hate them, aside from the splendid Danny Baker of course but the referee had a stinker. He was one of those fussy, nit-wit whistle happy types. Any excuse to stop the game. He and other referees like him are exactly the reason I stopped paying twenty five notes to watch Championship football a few years back. I didn't come to watch you Mr P Harris you nincompoop.

David Wheeler up to his old tricks.

Mental note to self - must look up John Fiorini on Wikipedia.

Anyway, it was all smiles after the game back in the best clubhouse in the world. This could have been the last match in the history of Lewes FC. They are due in court tomorrow to argue against being wound up as club by the HMRC over an outstanding tax bill of £110,000. Happily, I think we'll be ok. The thought of the Rooks going out of business is unthinkable. I think the fact that Rog and I are going to burn a huge LEWES FC into the grass bank at the ground should just about convince the judge that the club are worth persevering with don't you!?

After a few more beers it was time for some fun. Being let loose in a football ground after you've sunk a couple is just brilliant. As such, Cynical decided that Big Deaks should try and save a penalty with the EFW logo in the goalmouth whilst Mr Fuller ran behind the goal arms aloft. We really should know better but what the heck, we were on our Summer holidays. In a few weeks time, Lewes are away to Weston-super-Mare. I think it's going to be the best day of our lives. See you there!

Cynical in front of the Cray Wanderers portakabin. They share the ground fact fans.

Nice gates as well, is there anything they don't get right at Bromley!?

Big Deaks erm...saving a penalty with the EFW logo while the crowd (Mr Fuller) go mad.

We finished the day back at HQ. Happy days!

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor old Lewes they are terrible! I went to the game with my friend, were in a couple of your photos. Like yourselves I also believe with the current level of support the club can survive.


Timmy said...

Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed your time at Bromley, and also the highlights on the big screens. I am Tim Hutton and along with my brother, we film the Bromley games and that was our footage. You can watch all the highlights from games so far this season at www.bromleyfootballclub.co.uk/0910 and then click bfctv, enjoy!

Danny Last said...

Timmy, it was one of the best places I've been to in quite some time. A great old ground complimented with some fantastic new facilites behind the scenes.

BFCTV and your own club website is something you should be very proud of.

Neil said...

Went to the game with Edward, a lad I support with learning disabilities. Really impressed with the set up at Bromley FC, very friendly, cracking bar, just a pity I was working and couldn't have a pint! Well I say "working".... Liked the Lewes flags, didn't see them at The Racecourse last season when you played my team Wrexham. Good luck to both clubs, hope you got the right result in court Lewes.

chevblue said...

What an excellent site – discovered this afternoon, although I’m surprised I’ve not found you before. Thoroughly enjoyed what I have read so far - particularly your piece on the Aberdeen Ultras. Hadn’t realised there was such a thing in the UK. I’m an Ipswich (and occasional Ebbsfleet) fan and have been posting my exploits online since early 2005. Have done a fair amount of hopping around Europe, Holland in particular. Notice that you’re off to Holland in late October. Tilburg is an interesting town, you should have fun their. Would love to join you but I’m taking the wife to see Jane McDonald on the 24th! P.s. Mate of mine is a Bromley fan (season ticket holder even) so I know Hayes Lane reasonably well – neat ground.