Sunday, 27 April 2008

Past EFW Classics Part 1

Portugal Euro 2004

Czech Republic 2-1 Latvia 15:06:04 (Averio)

England 3-0 Switzerland 17:06:04 (Coimbra)

Italy 1-1 Sweden 18:06:04 (Porto)

Holland 2-3 Czech Republic 19:06:04 (Aveiro)

Denmark 2-2 Sweden 22:06:04 (Porto)

It was all go in between matches.

It could only be Sweden v Denmark.

Better than work!?

Just prior to thrashing the local Portuguese lads.

Outside the Estadio de Municipal Aveiro.

Can you spot the Dutch fans!?

Cheesy grins.

Czech Republic v Latvia -More balloons than fans.

In Coimbra en route to England v Switzerland.

Estadio Cidade de Coimbra.

Another hard day at the office for Danny and Deaks (batting).

I thought I'd start adding some pictures taken from previous footballing trips. These ones were undertaken before I started writing about them. This one was one of the best. Strictly speaking this wasn't a European Football Weekend - it was a European Football Fortnight. Two of the best weeks of my life. 5 games of live football, friendly locals, good company, nice food, beers aplenty, beach cricket, great accomodation. It really was a carnival of football. Four years have passed since this holiday and if you ever stumble across one of us in a pub, you'll probably still overhear us talking about how brilliant it was.