Saturday, 28 November 2009

Newport County AFC

From Wales with love

Lewes 0-3 Newport County (28:11:09)

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They came to Sussex in their hundreds with a spring very much in their step. These are giddy times for the long suffering fans of Newport County. At last their team are playing the football on the park which is worthy of the fanatical (over 2,000 at home to Bromley thanks very much) support they attract off it.

The Exiles have only existed - in their current guise - since 1989. Debate still rages amongst their own support as to whether this is the same club who in the 80's competed in the European Cup Winners Cup. Bankrupt and out of business in February of 1989, the club reformed just four months later and have since worked their way up through the very basement of the football pyramid to the summit of the Conference South.

So just seven days before County make a splash in Bath - where they are expected to take up to a thousand fans - they found themselves up against EFW faves Lewes for a top versus bottom encounter (bottom encounter eh!? Fnar Fnar - Ed). Before the beer kicked in, we caught up with the Vice Chairman (check us out) of the Newport County AFC Supporters Trust - Tony Pring. Pring filled us in on all things Newport related and we discovered amongst other things that it's not just Swansea City who have the monopoly on a rivalry with Cardiff City:

Somerton Park was to my mind a great old ground. How do you cope in the new place "Spytty" being so far away from the action? A lot of people do moan and complain that we are too far away from the pitch, but a lot of us older supporters remember that we did have a speedway track around Somerton Parks pitch.

Least we forget. Somerton Park.

Seeing as you were reformed in 1989, are today's Newport County the same one who played in the ECWC in the 80's or do you view yourselves as a completely new club? Yes we are a completely new club. As the years go by though, you forget that it's a new club and we all remember the old days. There are still some supporters who won't come and watch the 'new' club.

What impact does Newport RFC (the rugby club) have on the County support, do fans support both codes? There has always been an impact on crowds when both clubs play at home and we do have supporters who follow both. My personal view is that you can't worry about it, if we keep going the way we are at the moment, then why worry about it?

Who are your rivals? In this league; Weston, Bath and I would say Worcester. From the old days our local rivals Cardiff City will always be number 1.

What is your away support like these days in terms of numbers and noise? You would only have to look at other teams top attendances. We can take anything from 250 to whatever numbers we take to Bath next *we all laughed at this point* Cheers Pringers.

People of Wales, could you forgive me for a second whilst I briefly wax lyrical about what has been some week for Lewes Football Club? Go on, I'll be your best friend. Firstly, they survived a another winding up order from the HMRC - hip. Then, manager Ibbo deservedly cleaned up in the Lewes personality of the year awards - hip. And finally, a victory over Eastleigh in the FA Trophy meant that - before this match - they'd gone 6 (six!) games unbeaten at the "fortress" Dripping Pan -horayyyy!.

Ok Newportonians, you can look back now. This was always going to be a tricky assignment for Lewes. Stand back now as I wave my stats lightsaber at you. County had played 17 league matches before this one losing just the once - Staines away on a Tuesday night late in October since you asked. This had sent them 8 (eight!) points clear of Dover at the top (top!) of the table AND with a game in hand - show offs.

The current County gaffer is celebrity Dean Holdsworth. Thankfully, he's removed himself from the front pages of the papers (Lindsey Dawn, reality shows etc) and found a niche on the back pages. He now has a cupboard full of BSS manager of the month awards and is loving life at Newport so much, he's moved there to show his loyalty to the club, well, nearly, to nearby Worcester which isn't too far is it!?

Dean Holdsworth thinking about where to put his next BSS award.

So...Cynical, Big Deaks and I pitched up in our normal pre-match pub (The Brewers) early doors to catch wind of Aberdeen's routine victory over Glasgow Rangers. We were joined by Robin (ex-Man Utd, now of Lewes) and his Arsenal supporting friends; Simon Ramone and Helen. They tried to justify the 1500 sheets they pay for their Arsenal season tickets but to be honest their pitch fell upon deaf ears. Lovely couple though - welcome back at the Theatre of Harveys anytime.

Bordeaux of that shot every week Lasty.

Teams march out to the sound of Sussex by the Sea.

Newport keeper Glyn Thompson - off to Wolves if you believe the red tops.

Good as (amber and) gold - some of the Newport support.

Onto the match (hooray - Ed) and would you believe it was Lewes who dominated proceedings early on. Twenty-three minutes into to match, I trumpeted loud and proud "What could possibly go wrong!?". Less than a minute later, Newport helped themselves to the opening goal of the game. 0-1. Oh. Can I claim an assist?

On the stroke of half time it all happened. Newport were awarded a spot kick when Ryan Timms brought down the last man inside the penalty area - just after he'd come on as sub for the injured Ross Sutton. Red card (tick), penalty (tick), no complaints (tick), Reid - their best player to take (tick), sends pen goalwards (tick), Banks saves to his right (tick), players troop off for half time (tick).

Pen to the Welsh.....what happens next!?

Main stand packed to the rafters. Well sort of...

Stand back again folks, as I wave my stats lightsaber towards you in a figure of eight motion. Rikki Banks (of young eagle of the month fame) has now saved three out of the four penalties that Lewes have conceded this season. That is a 75% penalty save ratio - I did that in my head. In conclusion, Rikki Banks still is the owner of 1x 'safest hand in soccer' motif. Hats at a jaunty angle Rikki lad.

During the half time period, the decision to keep the Rooks Inn Bar open was fully justified. There had been a bit of pre-match scepticism in which certain folks had deemed the Newport County fans as being somewhat troublesome. Nothing - I repeat nothing - could have been further from the truth. Aside from one lad who insisted singing 'Millwall songs' throughout his stay (a bit Ken Dodd - Ed) they were - to a man (and woman) a credit to their club. They came in good numbers, sang and backed their team throughout the day and contributed some considerable funds behind the Lewes FC clubhouse bar - good luck to them I say.

Into the second half and Newport began to take control. The Rooks didn't disgrace themselves and pushed forwards at every opportunity but it was the league leaders who ran out worthy winners in the end. Goals from Morgan and Henry (note not hand ball) sealed their win and they returned home to Wales happier than Stacey wooing Gavin back to her hometown.

It would be remiss of me at this juncture not to mention Newport striker Craig Reid. He missed a pen granted but Jesus H Christ, he is good. There aren't many times I clap an opposition player off the park but that lad deserved it. Hats at a jaunty angle to you Reido. Different gravy lad.

Craig Reid - different gravy lad, different gravy.

Cynical Dave's betting slip. Officially as long as your arm.

1 x Lewes FC toaster please Sir.

No need for the stewards.

Simon Ramone, Helen and Robin thank their lucky stars they're not at Arsenal.

The rain doesn't dampen our floodies obsession.

At the third peep of the referee's whistle (he looked like Mock the Week's Andy Parsons by the way, is there anything that lad won't do to promote his new Xmas DVD!!??) we were back in the pub drowning our sorrows to the sounds of the Stone Roses. Worse things happen at sea eh!? Good luck to Newport, they will go up and no mistake. As for Lewes, we'll be ok. Roll on Maidenhead next week.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Hungary for more!?

EFW Oktoberfest 2010 anyone!?

Our work here at EFW Towers is never done. Following the undoubted success of the inaugural Oktoberfest to the Netherlands and Germany, plans are already gathering pace to organise next years footballing fiesta.

Numbers will be limited to just 50 people with priority booking given to the original 32 members who attended in 2009. I'm currently conducting a feasibility study on the following two options:

i) Three days of football and beer in and around the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Simple.

ii) An altogether more ambitious plan. Hiring a coach in the Netherlands proved to be a big hit and enabled us to see two games, in two countries in one day. How about *deep breath* hiring another one and seeing a game in Budapest, Hungary on Friday, another one in Bratislava, Slovakia on Saturday before ending up, seeing a match and flying back from Vienna, Austria on the Sunday!? Ok, everybody breathe normally.....and relax.

In other news, I've also been contacted by a new media company who are keen to film a documentary of the trip. No really, it's true.

Obviously it's very early doors yet. I just thought I'd update you on what is occuring. More to follow in the coming months......

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Friday, 20 November 2009

Royal Antwerp FC

The Great Old

Belgium finally has its very own galactico, no really. This week, their PM Herman van Rompuy romped to victory in the race to become President of the European Council. So how to celebrate this historic moment here on EFW!? Well, I thought we'd blow the cobwebs off our Belgian history books and delve deeper into this wonderful country. Don't all run away now....

Where better to start than with the oldest football club in Belgium (and relax - Ed). Royal Antwerp FC are registered at No. 1 at the Belgian Football Association, hence their splendid nickname 'The Great Old'. They also happen to be EFW's favourite club in Belgium. We have spent many a happy hour sipping a De Koninck or two with our pals there and who can forget the awayday we had with the Antwerp lads in Leuven - the home of Stella Artois - last season.

So, to find out more about the team and the fans, we dialed up one of our contacts in Antwerp, namely, Pat. He played for Royal Antwerp in his youth and has since supported them man and boy through mostly thin and thinner for over a period of 30 years or more. So pull up a chair as we take you through the wonderful world of Royal Antwerp FC:

What is the Royal Antwerp support like both home and away? Antwerp has always had a passionate support. Even if we are playing in our 6th season in the 2nd Division, we still get crowds that many 1st Division teams are jealous of.

What sort of crowds do they attract in terms of numbers? Antwerp is a working class family club, but we attract all kinds of people and races. At the moment we average around 5,000 fans at home but this can easily rise up to 10 or 12,000 if the team plays well or we play an attractive opponent. Away we normally always have between 700-1500, more if it's a top game or if the away stand allows. The problem is away stands in the Belgian 2nd Division often aren't big enough.

Happy days. Our boys line up against Real Madrid in 1957.

How easy it it to obtain tickets for home and away matches? Tickets are normally easy to obtain for home games but unfortunately the club don't do online sales. Away games are more tricky as often - to get a ticket - you have to be a member of an official supporters club. Also, due to poor allocations given by many clubs it can be hard to get your tickets.

What is the away allocation given to visiting teams at the Bosuilstadion and do any teams actually fill that? They receive around 1000 tickets but almost no team takes up that allocation. Maybe Lierse will be the first in January if they are still top of the league.

What is the Bosuilstadion like? It's really old but for us Antwerp fans it's a thing of beauty, full of charms and nostalgia and a symbol of the good old days in the 1st Division.

Doesn't it only have three floodlights? We have four of them, three large and one small. On the 15th September 2000 one went down during a heavy thunderstorm so they replaced it with a smaller one.

The most disturbing image I've ever had the misfortune to see.

That's better.....and relax.

Bosuilstadion in all its old skool glory.

Who are RAFC's main rivals? Our city neighbours Germinal Be*****ot and Bruges. Nowadays in the 2nd Division it's Lierse.

There are so many teams within a close vacinity to Antwerp, which of these are considered by fans to be a genuine 'local derby'? There's only one real derby and that's Germinal Be*****ot. Matches against Berchem Sport also be considered a derby but they play in the 4th Division these days.

Is there an ultra culture in Belgian football? There is but more so in the French speaking part of Belgium. Teams like Standard Liege and Charleroi for example.

Do many RAFC fans follow the national team? Nowadays, there's almost no interest at all but we did in the past when our former captain and defender Rudi Smidts played for them between 1989-1997.

Is there much violence in Belgian football? There was lots during the late 80's & 90's and at the beginning of the millennium but police operations have put an end to most of it now. It still exists but it's more pre-arranged these days and some fanatical fans still engage in vandalism of grounds.

What do you consider to be you biggest match this season? The regional derby with Leirse, home and away.

Which other teams in Belgium have a good support? I'm talking about passionate fans here and NOT which ones have good hooligans! KV Mechelen and Standard for sure. Also in the 3rd Division Racing Mechelen has a passionate support.

What is the best match you can attend in Belgium in terms of atmosphere? Nothing beats the Antwerp v Beerschot match but unfortunately we're not in the same league anymore. If you ever have a chance to see the Mechelen derby, that's well worth your money. Then of course you have games between the top teams like Anderlecht and Standard.

Is it true that most of the RAFC songs sung by fans are in English? Yes it's true but I don't really know why. Probably because Antwerp was founded by Belgian and Englishman as the Antwerp Athletic Club, so the English influence has always been there; songs, flags, English style clothing..

The club seem to think there is a partnership with Manchester United going on. However, when I travelled with Royal Antwerp fans last season, the fans I talked to seemed to distance themselves from this. In fact, the flags I saw around the stadium were Man City ones! (bloody hell that question is longer than one of Garth Crooks - Ed) Some year ago, Man Utd sent us some excellent young players like John O'shea, Johnathan Evans, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Danny Higginbotham, Ryan Shawcross and Frazier Campbell who now all play for different Premier League teams. In the second half of the season though, they called them all back and we had to start building a new team without those lads who'd put us top of the league. That bothers many fans here. If you send them, let them be here for the whole season or not at all. Indeed, some Antwerp fans have a close friendship with City fans and they visit each others games 2/3 times a season.

Who has the best stadium in Belgium? Many people say Racing Genk but the away end is really a no go!

And the worst? Tubize was a sh*thole last time we went there but when they were promoted they built a new stand. Maybe it's better now? We will find out soon as they are back in the 2nd Division.

What are RAFC's prospects for this season? The play-offs will be minimum requirement but hopefully this year will see us promoted.

What's your view on English fans? Belgians like the English way of support. Many of your songs are used here in our grounds.

Another good RAFC away turn out.

And another...

What is Antwerp like as a city? It's a great city to live in. There are loads of things to see and do and it's full of bars with no closing time! (Where do we sign - Ed).

We love a beer with our football here at European Football Weekends. Can you recommend any good pubs? It all depends what type of bar you like of course. There are all types for all sorts of people. We like the Irish pubs to watch the English football in.

One of the main reasons tourists come to Belgium is because of the unbelievable selection of fantastic beers. Any that you'd recommend? Instead of a regular lager you can try "De Koninck" which is typical of Antwerp. If you like your beer a little stronger, try "Duvel" but there's just too many to mention. Belgium is indeed world famous for it's beers and rightly so.

And finally, aside from our new leader Herman, can you name me any other famous Belgians? When it comes to sports, probably Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters who've both been No.1 in the world. A big honour for a small country like Belgium. We also have Eddy Merckx, the world famous cyclist. Outside of sport there's famous painters like Peter Paul Rubens, Pieter Breugel and Antoon Van Dijck. Also. Adolphe Sax the inventor of the saxophone and our 'muscles from Brussels' Jean-Claude Van Damme. Also our very own Hans is becoming a star in England! (see this story for details).

That's it folks - next time you are in Belgium, do yourself a big favour and pay a visit to EFW's favourite team in Belgium - Royal Antwerp FC. You could even have a nice beer afterwards. What's not to like!?

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Rooks get caught in Spitfires propeller

Eastleigh 1-0 Lewes (14:11:09)

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It's hard to curb your enthusiasm watching Lewes on the road, especially as this particular match had captured the attention of mainland Europe. Lewes supporters branches from both Berlin and Antwerp had flown in especially. The Rooks have officially spread their wings.

This match formed part one of a two part series entitled 'Hampshire v Sussex'. First up was this funfest which was to be followed by a rare trip to see some mod£rn football the following day at St Mary's Stadium down the road - Southampton v Brighton.

Despite the fact that EFW has been nominated for the end of year When Saturday Comes Blog Awards (send an email to voting for us before next week please - Ed), I'm still a man of the people. As such, we travelled down to the Silverlake Stadium on a train, that is public (public!) transport.

As we disembarked to change trains at Fareham, we were met with horizontal rain sweeping across the platform. It was time for stormy weather. The match was in significant doubt. As such, the EFW team were receiving regular updates from Lewes boss Ibbo and Ryan Storrie - "a pacy winger who can play on either flank". Their texts were positive so we batted onto Eastleigh regardless. Texts from managers and players to assist the fans - it brings a tear to this correspondents eyes anyway.

It gave Cynical and I another chance to tout our idea of a 'postponedometer' that we tried to pitch to Duncan Bannatyne last season. A simple device that lets you know the 10 nearest matches to be played nearest to where you are, should the match you're attending get called off. It's going to retail at £19.99 and this time next year....

Upon our arrival at the ground we were handed complimentary tickets by the aforementioned Ibbo - Lewes personality of the year if I have anything to do with the Viva Lewes awards. Add to that the fact that some bright spark had decided to introduce a happy hour(s) in the EFC clubhouse - £2 a pint - and the outlook was already starting to look brighter. It had been some session back at EFW HQ the previous night, so we needed a boost.

Water-bout that then!?

Stoffers. The Berlin branch of the Lewes supporters club.

The Antwerp massive. Roland and Frank.

Terry. I promised I'd stick him in a report. Great bloke.

Anarchic Cynical standing beyond the No standing beyond this point sign.

At regular intervals a giant of a friendly steward would come in and update us on the prospects of play. Not good initially. Thoughts turned to putting in an appearance at nearby Gosport Borough v Hungerford and then back to the bar again swiftly afterwards. Cynical even threatened to crank up the karaoke machine - this lead to a few more volunteers being called for the fork the pitch.

Then our stewarding friend returned and announced that it was 'ON'. The volunteers and ground staff at Eastleigh had done a forking brilliant job and five FIFA stars are on there way to them as we speak. We celebrated with another £2 pint along with the World Bowls on the telly. Dreamy stuff. By this time we'd been joined by Passport to Football's Stuart Fuller and his daughter Lolly - Lewes' newest supporters who are becoming as equally obsessed with The Rooks as we are.

After his initial negativity the steward had turned it right round, like a record baby, right round, right round. The game was not dead, it was alive. I've included that sentence in this report because on our way home that night it really made us laugh. Now it just sounds ridiculous (never stopped you before - Ed).

Onto the match then and two minutes into proceedings we were behind - to an own goal. Oh. It was going to take something rather special to beat Lewes keeper Rikki Banks in his current form. Eastleigh were never going to do it so 17 year old Rook Scott Manning duly obliged by slicing a clearance into his own net. Don't panic though Mr Manning, a long a fruitful career awaits for you, judging by the way you picked yourself up and performed after that. Good lad.

Chin up lad. Mr Manning after his og.

Another Lewes attack, another near miss.

Splash. Aa-ahh, he saved everyone of us.

Lewes played superbly without forcing the equaliser they richly deserved. EFW man Crabby was on the bench still nursing knee-knack. He would have filled his boots. In fairness, Ibbo didn't blame the fact we were missing six first-team players through various knack. "We were without six or seven players and it would be easy to hide behind that" he said not mentioning the six or seven players out injured afterwards.

We steal the Ball is Round photo idea - don't tell Mr Fuller.

Forking 'ell.

I can't help it. I'm on floodlight medication to try and stop it.

Whoops! On the pitch again - stewards eject this man.

The weather was fine in Spoons opposite the station after the game. At £1.79 a pint for the 11 (eleven) bitters on offer the price was alright as well. A predictable pub crawl then ensued - calling in at HQ for lacklustre Ireland v France in the World Cup qualifier before ending up back at EFW Towers for a night of 1860 Munich reserve DVDs long into the night. Bloody perfect.

Oh, I almost forgot. On the way home we meet up with the four members of Brighton band 'Escape to Sea'. Already being mentioned in the same breath as The Pixies, these lads are set for stardom. Today the Free Butt, tomorrow Wembley Stadium. Check out their myspace page and get set to swing a fast shoe to the Kings of Ambient Mosh.

Escape to Sea - The Kings of Ambient Mosh and no mistake.

For more photos from the day CLICK ME

For the Ball is Round version of the day CLICK ME

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Monday, 16 November 2009

Southampton v Brighton

Brighton Rock

Southampton 1-3 Brighton (15:11:09)

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I'm probably bereft of any Albion supporting credit nowadays. With the non-league coverage on these pages coupled with the European stuff something had to give. Unfortunately, it was my 30 year association with The Seagulls and my £400 quid season ticket in that athletics stadium. I'd earned my blue and whites stripes in the former years though, having seen them play at around 80 grounds and them generally ruling my life over that period. Hell, I even played for the youth team in the early 90's (get on with it lad - Ed).

On paper, this match appeared to be a bit of an example of how mod£rn football had become a little bit rubbish. In years gone by, a football special would have been laid on to take the travelling hordes down to Hampshire for this (sort of but not really) local derby. On this November Sunday though, we had a choice of a *deep breath* rail/bus replacement service to Worthing from Brighton before boarding an actual train or to go via Clapham Junction at an extra cost to both our wallet and (drinking) time. Like it or lump it and that's £22 for the match ticket please.

We opted for the bus to Worthing. By we, I mean Stoffers from Germany, Roland and Frank from Belgium and in a change to the advertised programme - Cynical Dave! In a real moment of weakness the previous night (caused by beer) Dave had agreed to attend his first league match for three years. There is nobody more cynical than he with regards to league football, hence his name. The foreign lads had been up for this match for months. They'd ask to attend an Albion game and I thought one against the Saints (away) would show the Brighton fans off in their best light - I wasn't to be disappointed.

As we made our way through Howards' Way country to Southampton, Cynical passed the time by recounting great swathes of Howards' Way dialogue much to the bewilderment of our guests from abroad. He really is the font of all useless trivia knowledge; mental note to self - download that theme music, it was nae bad pal.

We take our pub research very seriously here at EFW. So the thought of entering a Yates or any other chain pub didn't really appeal. Especially as on this day, it looked as though the police were there filming the next series of Danny Dyer's Football Factories outside Yates. Instead we opted for Goblets just up the road. A basement bar full of goodies; cheap beer, good food and superb music. What's not to like? Seven pints later (blame Stoffers for setting an early pace) and it was onto the identikit St Mary's Stadium. You know the deal, new ground; Derby, Leicester, Boro, Cov etc just differently coloured seats.

We met up with a few lads from Rochdale inside. They'd been in contact via this blog and didn't think anything of driving 250 miles on a Sunday to see how their former darling of the terraces Glenn Murray was fairing. To make it interesting, they'd each invested some cash at 9/1 that he'd score the games opening goal. As if...

St Mary's (identikit) Stadium.

Afternoon Ted, afternoon everybody.

The mandatory minutes silence.

Having not seen the Albion since an away match at Yeovil last year, I wasn't sure how much I'd still care. Once inside though, it all came back to me. 2,709 away fans in full voice and a team that responded to both those fans and the new gaffer - Gus Poyet. Poyet's arrival seemed to given everyone a boost, not least, anyone in the UK selling Uruguayan flags. Brighton is now officially in love with Uruguay. The only downside being, we are no longer allowed to laugh at that bit in the Simpsons where Homer points to 'U R Gay' on his globe. Talking of gay, Saints fans were stunned into silence by the Albion's performance. Their only retort to 93 minutes of singing was a few sporadic homophobic chants. The sort banned by the football league a couple of years back. Expect a further 10 point deduction at St Mary's to follow.

You can read about the actual match here and indeed there. Suffice to say the Seagulls pretty much put in the perfect performance. Not a boot out of place. Just as you were thinking a Saints equaliser was coming at the end to undo our good work, up popped new skipper Andrew Crofts who sent the away end into an absolute frenzy by striking an 86th minute third (third!) goal for the blue and white wizards. Murray also obliged with the first goal to clean the bookies out of cash as our friends from the north returned back to Rochdale having trousered a small fortune. Happy days all round.

Rub yer eyes and look at that. 0-2 after 20 odd minutes.

Good Old Sussex by the Sea. 2,709 away fans.

Ooh, it's a corner..

One for you Saints - The Lambert pen.

Andy Steggall, can you hear me Andy Steggall (with your thatched on hair-do), Sally Taylor, Carl Tyler, the late Jack Hargreaves, Shaun Udal, the entire cast of "The Village". Your boys took one hell of a beating. Nod to the Connecticut and NE Florida Seagulls for that little outburst.

Afterwards, Gus Poyet was understandably like the proverbial canine with dual appendages. He thought that his players and fans had done him proud. "You did me proud" he cooed. It was also his 42nd birthday and got a bit too carried away by saying it was his best ever birthday present. Something that Mrs Poyet will no doubt have brought up over their post match asado.

Mine's three points and some asado please ref.

Moody skies/home fans.

Largest roof in football?

It was genuine entertainment. £22 - get this - well spent. It was like (gulp) the old days. Mod£rn football in quite good shock.

On the way back to the station afterwards, things looked like they might be getting naughty. A few Saints hooligans were playing Mike Reeds Runaround with the police whilst the Albion fans were penned in by the police. We didn't much fancy any of that so we headed back to Goblets for three more points, sorry pints. There we met some genuine home fans who were more than happy to talk and make several salient points about Pompey.

We also met someone we knew in there who was driving back to Havant, so he (Richard) gave us a lift there a few hours after the match had finished. Regular readers will know that Havant is a favourite hunting ground for the EFW team in that it has pubs which are 100% bonkers. Again, it didn't let us down.

"Bitter? we don't sell that sh*t in here" said the landlady of the Six Bells. It was good to be back. Stoffers and Cynical then proceeded to swing a fast shoe on the dancefloor of said pub. The dj was in full flow, as were a selection of Daniella Westbrook look-a-likes. Cynical Dave's other nickname is 'Disco Dave' and boy did it show. You want video evidence of their good work? (yes please - Ed). Then head to You Tube my friends because by CLICKING ME and ME you'll be richly rewarded. A perfect end to a perfect day. Good old life!

For more photos from the day CLICK ME

*Thanks to Alan Wares for the Sussex by the Sea/Uruguay flag*

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

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