Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sponsored any match balls lately!?

'Put paid to what you say and put your money where your mouth is' sang Miles Hunt during The Wonderstuff's top 16 hit 'Unbearable'. Well, Mr Hunt, have we got news for you my friend. European Football Weekends - fresh from our tour of the Netherlands and Germany - are back with a bang. We have unearthed some petty cash from underneath the sofa and we're sponsoring the match ball as our heroes Lewes FC take on Hampton and Richmond Borough this coming Saturday.

Cynical Dave and I are threatening to wear a suit as tentatively, Lewes FC have invited us into their boardroom. Either that or at the very least the Ginola look; a jacket with white shirt and jeans. What could possibly go wrong!?

If you are in the south of England this Saturday then come and join us at the Theatre of Harveys aka The Dripping Pan. If you're not then read all about our day with inevitably hilarious consequences here on Monday.

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1860er said...

Great news!
Keeping my fingers crossed that the sponsored ball gets into the right net this time.

See you at Eastleigh away next week.

Lewes FC Supporters Berlin Branch

Danny Last said...

It'll be a joy to have the Berlin Branch on board next week old chap.

In other news - as if life couldn't get any better - there will be a two-page spread on the EFW Oktoberfest in the match programme for this game. All for just 2GBP!

Place your orders now......

Ali said...

Best Lewes game I've ever been to and looking forward to Eastleigh on Saturday.

The atmosphere in the second half against H&R was fantastic, great end to end game it was all round a great day!