Thursday, 18 December 2008

EFW Christmas message

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping on your nose, Yuletide carols....what!? oh sorry...getting a bit carried away with the whole Christmas deal here at EFW Towers. I've just logged on to tell deliver our EFW Christmas message but first if you don't mind we're going to blow our own trumpets, strum on our ukulele's and hang out the bunting for we are fast approaching a couple of notable landmarks both here and on our Facebook site.

We are close to recording 20,000 hits on the blog, most of which have come in the last few months.

Just four weeks after setting up our EFW Facebook site, 99 punters from around Europe have signed up making it the fastest growing European Football Weekends Facebook site in history. Pleasingly, we have friends from England, Belgium, Turkey, Germany, The U.S. of A, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and even Scotland on board. Who is going to become the 100th member and win a prize money can't buy!? The prize is to walk around bold as that there brass knowing that you are the 100th EFW member. Really, does life get any better!?

If it's photos of European Football grounds and games you are after then it really is happy days for you on our sites. The Facebook site already has over 500 photos on from all around Europe and this site has hundreds of photos from 'Your European Football Weekends' which you can view by clicking on the links in the menu down the right hand side of the homepage. Remember you can click on any photo to enlarge the image.

If you think we're going to relax over the next few weeks then think again. I will personally be giving up my Christmas and New Year to travel to Spain to drink some beer and watch some football. There are also plans afoot for EFW to sponsor a game here in England and what's more we've trips lined up to Germany, France, Italy and Spain to name a few before the season ends.

Now then, why are we here!? Oh yes, Christmas messages. Everyone is doing them these days. The Queen and the Pope for two. Here at EFW Towers it occurred to us that if it's good enough for the heads of two of the most well liked religions in the world we should just jolly well join in the Yuletide fun so to speak. With this in mind we cast our net far and wide and invited submissions from our global fanbase. A good friend of the team answered the call with a salutary message for all readers as yet undecided on that last minute gift for their nearest and dearest:

Please take care when deciding on that last minute gift. I've three suggestions that may well get you out of a whole. Firstly, a return on the Eurostar and a couple of tickets to any of the literally dozens of welcoming football stadia in Continental Europe showcased by Dan , Nick and Big Deaks along with a plethora of other part time revellers is an altogether more suitable gift than the donation of an organ critical to your continued ability to live. If your budget won't stretch to that in these times of global credit crunch how about a few bottles of your loved ones favourite beers? Again Dan and co have mentioned once or twice their love of beer in this very blog so a quick read over any of his trips should furnish you with some ideas. A final suggestion is one of those funny little Santa hats beloved by Boxing Day football go-ers everywhere. A personal favourite comes in green and white from Skopje and reminds us all that Santa is an FK Metalurg Skopje fan.

Merry Christmas to all from Fruit Cove, Florida where to be a football fan is to obsess about local favourites and SEC Champions the Florida Gators. I can exclusively reveal that Dan is broadening his horizons for this column next autumn to report on a trip to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville. Probably.

That's it then chaps and remember - European Football Weekends - it's a blog, a Facebook site, a way of life. Snigger, chortle, oh stop it Aggers!


putri-bali said...

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I like to read more, keep on updating.

Dave said...

I think Mr Putri-Bali says it all.Happy Christmas Danny.Regards,Dave.