Saturday, 1 May 2010

AFC Bournemouth

Promotion Photo Special

The scenes at AFC Bournemouth today after they celebrated promotion in style by thumping Port Vale 4-0 in front of a bumper crowd of 9,055. Good luck to them and their loyal fans - quite a few of whom I know visit these pages.

Bournemouth v Southampton home and away is a good game for you overseas guys to note down for a visit next season. Thanks to Ben Stanley-Clarke for the photo (which you can click on to enlarge).


Danny Last said...

After posting this last night, EFW has already sorted out four Dutch lads with ticket contacts for the Bournemouth v Southmapton match next season.

This was the vision I had when I set up EFW. Fans from Bournemouth assisting lads from Tilburg in ticketing, beer issues and the like.

Football fans travelling to matches abroad shouldn't always be treated like criminals.

Barbarian G1 said...

Lou said...

Congratulations Bournemouth from a Chelsea FC fan.