Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lewes FC

Champions of Europe

I had a rare day off from reporting yesterday. I stood on the terrace, pint in hand and enjoyed watching Lewes thump Dorchester by 5 (five) goals to nil. Luckily, Mr Fuller of the Ball is Round fame wasn't quite so lazy. You can read his account of the rout HERE. The EFW team are all off to Hampton and Richmond next Saturday. EFW are sponsoring the ball and The Mighty Rooks may well be celebrating survival on and off the park. It's a well worn out catchphrase on these pages but - as ever - what's not to like?

There are some fantastic photos from Stuart Fuller and James Boyes both HERE and THERE. Just to run that by you again then, that's Lewes 5-0 Dorchester.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Danny - can you let me know the score from the Lewes game on Saturday?

Danny Last said...

Absolutely, it was Lewes 5 Dorchester 0 ie Lewes won by 5 (five) clear goals.