Friday, 26 February 2010

Free (free!) EFW badges

EFW dismiss popular adage

There's no such thing as a free badge according to the popular adage. Well, let us put that little phrase to bed right here, right now. To celebrate the fact we now have 417 EFW Facebook members and 133 followers of our EFW Twitter feed - all landmark figures I'm sure you'll agree - I've had 133 EFW badges made up and will be dishing them out all willy nilly for free and stuff.

If you want one or a set of all five then let me know and I'll post them out to you.

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Danny Last said...

Badges dispatched today to several places in Germany, Poland, Belgium, France, Netherlands and a bit closer to home; Ipswich, Bristol, Coventry, Sydenham, Southampton, Middlesborough and Hebburn.

There are still a few left at EFW Towers, so place your orders and we'll get someone here from our parcel dispatch unit to deliver the goods.

Harry D said...

I would absolutely love one or a set of five if you're still giving these away. How can I make that happen?

Alex said...

love the site !! any chance of me getting a hold of a set ?

Alex said...

by the way my email is