Monday, 26 October 2009

Thanks a million!

Hands across Europe

Thanks a million to all the lads who attended the inaugural 2009 EFW Oktoberfest. I'll get around to sticking up the reports this week but in the meantime, here's a photo of all those without whom.....

So in no particular order: Big Deaks, Greeno, Martin Baines, Andy Day, Andy Walker, Young Philip Graystone, Pieter Dewilde, Partick Van Puyenbroeck, Steven Van Rompaey, Hans Bressinck, Stuart Fuller, Chris Nash, Oliver Deed, John Lewis, John Henniker, Stephen Deacon, Michael Stoffel, Holger Thomas, Alex Sachs, Florian Bernot, Christian Morsk, Andy Challen, Joris van der Wier, Phil Sheppard, Witty, Andy Pearch, Rich Pearch, Keith Turner, Radish, Iain Ferguson, Roland Sauskat and Colin Raymond. I couldn't have done it without you lads - you are EFW legends the lot of you!

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