Thursday, 3 September 2009

Glorious Goodwood

As much as I love doing the English non-league stuff, this site isn't called 'European Football Weekends' for nothing. As such, I'm off to Spain for 10 (ten) days from today. Hopefully I will return home with tales of mirth and hilarity from far flung places and teams such as UB Conquense, Barakaldo CF, SD Eibar and maybe some on the pitch antics at Athletic Bilbao.

So, if you were thinking of breaking into EFW HQ and stealing some of our awards then now is probably a good time to do it. Talking of awards (nice - Ed), I had the very good fortune to pick one up this week. EFW scooped top prize in the much coveted Glynde House 2009/10 blog awards.

An award! Yeees! Crowbar in a 'Glorious Goodwood' headline lad.

Now you are probably thinking to yourselves: Where did you get that big wood Mr Last!? Well, after further investigation, I can reveal that it was designed by a chap called Peter Szita from Pyrography Design. Yes, yes - but does he have a website I hear you cry!? Try logging onto and have a Terry Butchers for yourself. Evidently, there is nothing that chap can't burn into a piece of wood.

Soooo, there will be nothing on these pages for a few days as I head off firstly to Madrid, then onto Castilla La Mancha before ending up in the Basque Country for 5 (five) days.

If you're bored you can head to our EFW FACEBOOK SITE where there is always stuff going on and if you get really bored then you can keep a check on our Twitter feed by logging onto these pages and scrolling down to the bottom right hand side of the menu. I'll try and keep that updated throughout the trip but only if I'm not sweating like a Bishop due the heat.

Until then 'see thee later' or as they say in Spain 'Hasta Pronto'!

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