Thursday, 28 May 2009

Coming soon....

El show debe continuar (The show must go on)

So the season has ended has it!? Has it 'eck as like. We are committed to squeezing every last sinew out of this season here at European Football Weekends. Hence we are off to Spain this weekend in preparation for the Alicante v Hercules derby match on either June 6th or 7th.

Amusingly, we dialed up both clubs from the EFW office this morning and neither knew when the game would take place despite the fact it's only 8 or indeed 9 days away. It's always a bit in Spain and God bless them for it. Well, that is unless you are trying to organise a European Football Weekend.

There is certainly no love loss between Alicante and Hercules, not least because they reside in the same City and also currently share the same stadium. The match itself is potentially huge with Hercules one place off an automatic promotion spot - into La Liga - whereas Alicante are doomed to relegation. It could be the last derby for some time and as such it could go off with a bang.

So what else have we got lined up for you over the coming weeks!? (I'm sure you'll bore us with the details - Ed). We have got some Football in Finland, a possible encounter with darts legend John Lowe, more EFW logo galleries (photos still flooding in), some ICC Twenty20 World Cup gubbins, the obligatory 2008/09 season review and the launch of the inaugural EFW t-shirt.

In other news, an email flooded into the office this week. I've been asked to mention a pre-season friendly which has been arranged in the Southern Polish City of Krakow. The match is between Hutnik Krakow and Sheffield FC. Nikers play in the Nova Huta part of the city and were formed in the 1950's as the steel-works team. Sheffield FC proud boast is that are the oldest football club in the world. The match takes place on Saturday July 25th with a 3pm kick off should you be passing through.

Talking of European Football Weekends, least not forget that as soon as the Dutch and Belgians announce their fixtures for 2009/10, we'll be swinging into action and arranging the 'EFW Oktoberfest'. This is set to be the social event of 2009 with fans from all over Europe attending a feast of football, beer and laughing. You are all invited so keep a space free in your diary for the end of October.

Until then folks hasta luego!

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