Friday, 17 April 2009

Coming soon....

It's back to 'European' Football Weekends with a trip to AC Siena v Chievo this Sunday. A quick look at the Serie A table shows these two teams sitting just about the relegation zone. As such a draw would suit both. Whose to say that as I type the two Chairman aren't sitting in a restaurant in Tuscany concocting - and I'd better throw in the word 'allegedly' here - a stalemate that would suit both parties. I fancy (allegedly) that the old brown envelope in the shoe might be doing the rounds as we speak.

The forecast is for four days of persistent heavy rain during my trip which I am undertaking with the wife, her mate and my sister. Between you and I dear reader, the only thing I've been worrying about this week is the state of the pitch at the Stadio Artemio Franchi and its ability to take a drop of rain.

All being well, the report will be on these pages on Wednesday morning. There may well be a bit of Twittering you can follow by scrolling down to the bottom of the menu on the right hand. That is dependent on the amount of red wine I sink.

Until then Arrivederci.

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