Saturday, 24 January 2009

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Sing your darts out for the lads

Next weekend promises to be one to remember and no mistake. Cynical Dave and I are continuing our support of football at grass roots level as frankly (Mr Shankly) the pair of us are sick and bored of the Premier League. The revolution starts here.

On Saturday we pay a visit to the finest stadium in non league football to witness our first ever Kent local derby. We're off to the ecologically sound (!) Princes Park for the Dartford v Maidstone grudge match in the Isthmian League Premier Division.

Genuine excitement surrounds this fixture and as if it couldn't get any more rip-roaring, we've been promised a KARAOKE NIGHT in the main bar after the match. Cynical Dave is threatening to pull out his karaoke signature dish for the evening. If you are within a few hundred miles of Dartford - I think you know what to do - see you there.

I'm not sure who writes my scripts but this match marks my 180th ground visited. You couldn't make it up. Seeing a team nicknamed The Darts at your one huuuuundred and eiiiiightieth stadium. Fantastic.

On Sunday we will be joined by EFW regular Big Deaks and occasional attendee Greeno for the trip to Oxford. In the EFW office we refer to these days as D.D.O's (Domestic Days Out). For this one we'll be seeing our favourite calamity club 'Lewes FC'. We just can't get enough of them. The match will take place at Oxford's Kassam Stadium which (fact fans) is currently a three sided ground. Can you name any others!? Answers on a postcard to the usual address please.

In other news - look out for an imminent EFW press release later on this week. This may well occur on our sister site over on Facebook (feel free to join).

For those of you who prefer me to be writing about our European Football Weekends (nice name for an award winning blog that -Ed) - fear not - in just two weeks time we're heading off to French France for a weekend of fun and frolics over there. St Etienne, Bordeaux, Grenoble Foot 38, PSG.....bring 'em all on. Exciting times eh!?

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