Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Coming soon....

Happily it's a return to European Football Weekends this weekend as I'm off to Belgium; the land of fine beers and football. I'm travelling with my wife and sister but fear not, I've managed to negotiate a four hour window of opportunity on Sunday. This should give me ample time to sink some reassuringly strong Belgian ale and take in the FC Brussels v ASE Eupen match in the Belgian second division.

In other news thanks to the 54 of you who have joined the EFW Facebook group this week. Not bad for our first week of trading. There's more photos of European Football Grounds on that site that you'd ever wish to see and punters are adding to the feast on a daily basis. All being well, I'll have a report of the weekend on these pages sometime on Monday.


D Simpsonio said...

I predict 2-1 to FC Brussels.

Danny Last said...

2-1 you think Mr Simpsonio!?

I think I'd settle for that. Normally on these trips the minimum requirement we ask for is that both teams score. That way we get to enjoy both sets of fans celebrations.

Actually, looking at the weather forecast - heavy snow - I'll settle for 90 minutes of any sort of football come this Sunday.